Intrinsic Quality Partners: SMH Tech, Feasa, XJTAG, Terradyne Support Network. We’ve developed alliances with these fine companies to enhance our product and service offerings. These long-term partnerships provide mutual technological and market benefits, reduce cost and improve service for our customers.
SMH is the developer of FlashRunner, a universal microcontroller programmer. Intrinsic Quality is a U.S. Support Center for FlashRunner providing Sales, Technical Support and skilled Integration. Intrinsic Quality has been chosen to provide development of algorithms for FlashRunner Series 1 and drivers for FlashRunner 2.0. IQ also implements FlashRunner technology in programming stations, functional testers, and ICT. For more information about FlashRunner : Visit our FlashRunner Product Page.
FlashRunner In-System Programmer
Feasa provides industry leading instruments for measuring the color and intensity of LEDS. Intrinsic Quality has incorporated this technology in many of our standalone functional testers. For more information, visit our Feasa Webpage.
Feasa LED Analyser
XJTAG is a global supplier of IEEE 1149.1 JTAG-compliant boundary scan development systems. Intrinsic Quality has integrated this technology to provide comprehensive functional test.
Teradyne Support Network
Teradyne has recently renewed Intrinsic Quality as a Teradyne Support Network Member. IQ is once again gratified to be considered one of the best firms in the USA that provides expert support of the full range of Teradyne TestStation products. The TSN is a network of companies offering assured quality on Teradyne and GenRad products, fixtures and programs. Intrinsic Quality has been a proud member since 2012, while offering support on Teradyne and GenRad programs and fixtures.
Teradyne Support Network Member

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