Intrinsic Quality Device Programmers: Microcontroller Flash Programming Station, Prodigy ISP Programming Station, and SMH’s FlashRunner In-System Programmers.

Intrinsic Quality is proud to offer several options for the programming of flash devices for the manufacturing process: our the versatile IQPS Microcontroller Programming Station, IQ’s new entry level Prodigy In-System Programmer; and the complete line of SMH’s FlashRunner In-System Programmers.


Intrinsic Quality’s IQPS – Microcontroller Flash Programming Station

Intrinsic Quality is pleased to offer the IQPS, our integrated turnkey PC based programming solution for microcontrollers mounted on circuit boards. The IQPS uses easily interchangeable fixtures. The IQPS incorporates programming parameters such as firmware revision, power, and signal levels with automatic verification and setup. : For more information, visit our IQPS detail Page.
Microcontroller Programmer

Intrinsic Quality’s Prodigy – In-System Standalone Programmer

Prodigy is IQ’s answer to the call for an affordable production ready, stand alone entry level programming station. Based on the SMH FlashRunner FR01ENG, Prodigy responds to low volume high mix manufacturers who previously could not justify a commercial programming station. For higher volume applications the Prodigy easily connects to simple interchangeable bed of nail fixtures. In ATE applications, Prodigy readily connects to the ATE fixture with auto detect remote operation. View all of Prodigy’s features here.




SMH Flashrunner – Production InSystem Programmers

FlashRunner’s universal In-System programmer series are designed to support multiple device manufacturers. Each FlashRunner series is amazingly fast, reducing production costs; flexible with application to any programming configuration; and is highly reliable to ensure data integrity and continuous production flow. Visit our Flashrunner page for more specific information. .
FlashRunner Universal Device Programmer

FlashRunner Series 1

FlashRunner I series are high-performance, standalone In-System Programmers designed specifically for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. SMH’s FlashRunner I series was engineered for production environments and optimizes between full standalone mode or controlled by a host system. learn more.
Flashrunner Series 1

FlashRunner 2.0

The 2.0’s advanced technology features programming for up to 16 asynchronous parallel channels. FlashRunner 2.0 has achieved the ability to program large panels in a single cycle, and supports over 3000 different manufacturer devices. FlashRunner 2.0 details.
SMH FlashRunner 2.0

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