FlashRunner 2.0 In System Programmer

U.S. Support Center for SMH FlashRunner In-System Device Programmers

Intrinsic Quality is pleased to announce an expanded relationship with SMH. IQ is now a U.S. Support Center for the complete line of SMH’s FlashRunner In-System Progammers and provides expert sales, and tech support, while also featuring highly skilled integration support.

IQ has also been partnered with SMH to revolutionize programming and testing solutions utilizing flash based microcontrollers. IQ is providing algorithms for FlashRunner Series 1 and drivers for FlashRunner 2.0

The Flash Runner Series I has perfectly answered the need for a high performance standalone In-System programmer specific to Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories.

FlashRunner 2.0 features a powerful streamlined architecture to achieve unparalleled programming speeds for large memory devices. With up to 16 asynchronous, independent parallel channels, the FlashRunner 2.0 can program large panels in a single cycle, further reducing programming times.

FlashRunner’s hardware and firmware are powerful. While it is programming a device, Flash Runner has been engineered to attain the memory technology speed limit on that device – fast and impressive. FlashRunner supports: BDM, JTAG, DAP, I2C, MON, SPI, ICC and SCI as well as other ISP protocols.

Since Flash Runner supports over 3000 different devices, consider how its amazing functionality can respond to your in system programming needs. Intrinsic Quality is ready to assist with custom algorithms for non-supported devices and we have a 30 day demo unit available to you to try for 30 days free of charge. FlashRunner is available for purchase, call IQ today to order:

Pricing starting from $1,900.
For more information, sales support, ordering, and tech support, Contact IQ Today.

Supported Device List

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