Prodigy – ISP Programming Station



Prodigy – ISP Programming Station: It’s Time to Improve your Manufacturing Process

Intrinsic Quality introduces their new standalone entry level flash based ISP programming station – Prodigy. IQ’s Prodigy is designed to revolutionize programming for low volume high mix manufacturing with a cost effective and highly adaptable ISP microcontroller flash programmer. Based on SMH’s FlashRunner FR01ENG, Prodigy is brilliantly designed with a small footprint and a broad range of capabilities:
Prodigy In System Programmer

Prodigy Saves Money

• Dramatically reduces setup time – Add a new part number in minutes!
• Single station for multiple uses
• No PC required
• Minimizes training

Prodigy Improves Throughput

• Moves to production quickly
• Fastest programming times available
• Simple Consistent Operation minimizes time

Prodigy Improves Quality

• Every programming operation is verified
• Auto ID assures selection of proper software
• Simple Setup Utilities reduce error

SMH Flashrunner

The Prodigy is based on the SMH FlashRunner microcontroller programming device and features remarkable versatility:


Easily add multiple devices, multiple protocols, multiple vendors.
Adaptable assembly connection to harnesses, fixtures and ATE.
Rapid and easy changeover including auto fixture ID.
Efficient auto selection of part number based on 5 bit ID provided by fixture or ATE.
International language capability.

For more information on Prodigy, other Flash based Microcontroller Programmers or our expert Electronics Engineering Services call the Intrinsic Quality Sales Team today at 847-258-5598 or visit our Contact page.

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