Prodigy Programming Stations


Intrinsic Quality Programming Stations: Prodigy Makes Microcontroller Flash Programming a Snap!

Intrinsic Quality is proud to offer an integrated, turnkey, computer based, flash programming solution for microcontrollers mounted on circuit boards, Prodigy suite of Programming Stations. These single or dual well stations use interchangeable fixtures and IQ‘s expert device programming services. All programming parameters including firmware revision, power, and signal levels are automatically verified and set up. It’s the right time to harness the power of flash programming with our innovative FlashRunner based Universal Flash Programmer solution.
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  • SMH FR01, FR04, or FlashRunner 2.0
  • Harness, Single or Dual well receiver
  • Computer based system
  • Power protection
  • Barcode scanner
  • Network Connectivity
  • Programmable Power 0-24V, 6A
  • USB DAQ with 16 DIO
  • 1 Analog Source (0-10V D/A)
  • 1 Analog measure (0-10V A/D)


  • Scriptable Operation
  • GUI operator user interface
  • Fastest Programming Speeds
  • Gang programming abilities


  • Customized GUI software
  • Customized data logging
  • Customized Functional Test
  • Custom install
  • Thorough documentation and support
Prodigy Dual Well ProdigySingleWell Prodigy 1000

IQ’s Prodigy is a Universal Solution for automatic programming of devices and printed circuit board assemblies.

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