Integrated Testers

Intrinsic Quality is pleased to offer a wide variety of custom engineered Test Equipment as well as offering solutions from our Konrad Technologies, and Feasa Partners. We’ve partnered with these fine companies to expand our product and service offerings. These long-term partnerships provide mutual technological and market benefits, reduce cost and improve service for all of our customers.

IQ Functional Test Systems

Intrinsic Quality specializes in delivering turnkey standalone Functional Test fixtures and Windows based functional testers. Our testers are custom engineered with the innovation and reliability that respond seamlessly to your testing needs. Our functional testers may be simple and small, satisfying simple requirements or the systems may be sophisticated and powerful to solve complex problems. : For more information, visit IQ’s Functional Test Product Page.

Konrad PXI Instruments

Konrad Technologies has developed a full range of standard solutions for many facets of your production cycle. Konrad’s testers are based on the ABex test platform with a standard NI based software architecture. Each system is dedicated to the requirements of the application. Konrad standard testers can also be combined for specialized custom solutions.
Konrad Technologies Test Systems


The LEON Gen III Embedded PCB Tester begins with a powerful but low cost analog In-circuit implementation. This system can be equipped with boundary scan, functional, and RF test, as well as in-system programming and vision inspection.
Konrad Leon Tester


FINN series semiconductor testers share Konrad’s proven software and hardware architecture and utilize standard technologies such as PXI, reconfigurable FPGA instruments. The FINN series focuses on mixed signal integrated circuits.
Konrad FINN Test System


Konrad’s PAUL Series Aerospace Test Systems are designed to respond to the specific requirements of the aerospace industry. In addition to standard ATE functionality, PAUL systems support the integration of Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP), Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS).
Konrad Paul Aerospace Tester

PXI Instrumentation

Konrad Technologies expands the capabilities of the National Instruments PXI platform through their innovative ABex and KT-501 In-Circuit Test systems.

ABex (Including terminal boards)

Developed by Konrad Technologies, ABex, or (Analog Bus Extension) is an open system extension for PXI. While PXI provides a powerful control bus it leaves instrument interconnect to the system designer. ABex fills this need with a powerful instrumentation bus allowing for flexible interconnection of source and measurement instruments.
Konrad_Abex PXI

ICT KT-501

The KT-PXI-501 module implements a complete analog ICT instrument on a single PXI card. Once connected to a switching matrix it becomes a versatile Manufacturing Defects Analyzer (MDA). Use of the KT-501 permits the creation of flexible test systems, including MDA/Functional and Parallel ICT test head configurations.

Automated Test Handler and Prober

KT-3600 FlexCell NT Automated Test Handler

Automated In-Line Test Handler for Electronic Products and PCBs. The FlexCell NT is a highly efficient test handler for fully automated testing. The FlexCell features superior signal integrity and tight integration with Konrad test systems.
KT-3600 FlexCell NT

KT-MCS-500 Fine-Pitch Contacting Station

The Konrad MCS-500 Fine-Pitch Contacting Station is a cutting edge integrated test solution for testing printed circuit boards as well as Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) in high volume manufacturing with unprecedented accuracy. Incorporating an innovative patented architecture, the MCS-500 synthesizes rigid needle adapters with a vision inspection system and a multiple axis motion control system for a process-safe micro-alignment of the DUTs.
Fine-Pitch Contacting Station MCS-500


Intrinsic Quality is pleased to offer U.S. sales, technical and sales support for the Feasa LED Analyser. Feasa’s LED Analyzer provides powerful, fast and user-friendly automatic testing and measurement of both the color and intensity or brightness of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and other lighting devices such as LCD Displays. The Feasa Analyzer is amazingly flexible and can be integrated into most ATE systems. For detailed info visit our Feasa page.
Feasa LED Analyzer

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