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Custom Test Fixtures Development to Exceed Your Expectations

Intrinsic Quality is pleased to offer a variety of Test Fixture Development Services that include fixture building, tester interface building, harness building, troubleshooting, maintenance, design, and engineering. IQ’s fixtures are built to exacting specifications and configured to deliver quality production testing. Our global customers have trusted us for over 20 years to provide custom solutions using appropriate technology and IQ has consistently delivered cost-effective solutions with our client’s recognition and gratitude.

Available Test Fixture Features:
• Bed of nails
• Clamshell Fixtures
• Precisely installed pogo pins, guide pins,
drilled holes and spacers.
• Press down actuated / clamshell fixturing
• Dual well and single well
• Vacuum actuated
• Custom Fixture design
• Pneumatic intergration
• Wireless TestFixtures for ICT
(using a PCB translation plate)
• Functional fixturing
• ICT GenRad – Teradyne

Intrinsic Quality offers custom fixtures with static dissipative material to prevent ESD (electrostatic discharge) events. This material minimizes the potential harm that static discharges could cause to sensitive components on the circuit board while being tested.

Static Dissipative Material Datasheet Intrinsic Quality Static Dissipative Material Datasheet

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