Feasa LED Analyzer

Feasa LED Analyser – The Definitive LED Test

Intrinsic Quality is pleased to offer U.S. sales, technical and sales support for the Feasa LED Analyser. Feasa’s LED Analyzer allow for powerful, fast and user-friendly automatic testing and measurement of both the color and intensity or brightness of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and other lighting devices such as LCD Displays. The Feasa Analyzer is flexible and can be integrated in most ATE systems. Feasa I model is superbly suited for ICT LCD testing.

Analyzer: LED Color Testing

Each LED Analyser allows for simultaneous measurement of up to 20 different light sources as it measures Color and Intensity – Brightness Test. Light from the LEDs is transferred by Plastic Optical Fibers and transported to the LED Analyser board for accurate measurement and analysis. The Feasa Analyser has been engineered to test LED’s and other lighting devices such as LCD Displays automatically. Intrinsic Quality offers a LED tester demo unit that can be tried out for two weeks free of charge. Currently available for purchase, call to order:

Available for purchase, pricing from $320.

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  • Feasa I (ICT)
  • Feasa F (Functional)
  • 3, 5, 10 and 20 channel configurations available
  • Connection by either USB or RS232

  • Circuit Boards
  • Assemblies
  • LCD Backlighting

Test Time:
  • 5ms per fiber data read back time
  • Ultra bright LED test times under 1 second

  • Red, green, blue (RGB)
  • Hue, saturation, intensity (HSI)
  • Dominant wavelength
  • CCT, CIE xy, & CIE u’v’

Feasa LED Analyser Tester

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